Prospective Students of Illustration

To the prospective students of illustration who desire to attend Cal State Fullerton, we’ve provided the admission information from the Cal State Fullerton website.

University Admission Requirements

Prospective Students of Illustration

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Prospective Students of Illustration - Cal State Fullerton IllustrationVisual Arts Department Admission Information:

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 1974, the Department of Art offers programs that include the scholarly fields of art history, theory, analysis and criticism; the studio fields of drawing and painting, entertainment art/animation, sculpture, crafts (including jewelry, wood and metal), ceramics (including glass), graphic design, creative photography, illustration and exhibition design; and the single subject teaching field of art education.

Curricular plans for the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Fine Arts have been developed to meet the individual needs and interests of students in art.

The general objectives of the programs are to provide a comprehensive learning environment that contributes conceptually and technically to the development of the art historian, the visual artist and the art teacher. Specifically, the programs provide opportunities for students to: (1) develop a knowledge and understanding of fundamental visual experience and concepts basic to many forms and fields of art; (2) develop a critical appreciation of historical and contemporary art forms as they relate to individual and social needs and values; (3) creatively express one’s personal experience and thought with visual skill and clarity; (4) develop knowledge and skills necessary to pursue graduate studies in visual arts, or to teach art; and (5) develop the understanding and expertise applicable to professional practice.

Forms for Prospective Graduate Students:

The forms below are provided for prospective Graduate students. Click on the form you wish to download. All forms are saved as Microsoft® Word documents.

Letter from Graduate Coordinator
Graduate Checklist
Art History Comprehensive Review
MA Application
MFA Application

If you would like to request any other forms and documents, please visit or call the art office at 657-278-3471.

Other Important Links:

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CSU Mentor – Apply Online
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