Mission and Goals


The mission of the CSU-Fullerton Illustration concentration is to provide students with conceptual understanding, technical skills, practical experience and opportunities to explore the art of illustration in order to become effective and creative communicators and visual storytellers.


1. Provide students with the technical know-how required for their craft and expose them to traditional and digital media and applications.

2. Provide a broad understanding of visual language as it applies to the art of illustration.

3. Encourage conceptual and visual problem solving.

4. Encourage creativity, innovation, and experimentation.

5. Explore historical and contemporary trends in illustrations.

6. Inform students on professional business practices and ethical standards.

7. Fuel passion for the picture-making process.


"Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective"  Nickelodeon and California State University, Fullerton’s Art Department present “Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective,” a rich, [...]

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