Chris D. Nielsen – Adjunct Faculty

Chris Nielsen Bio PicChris D. Nielsen, Associate Professor of Illustration, graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.F.A. Degree in Graphic Design. He returned to CSUF for his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration and completed his schooling in 1998. He began teaching the Digital Illustration course while finishing his MFA Degree and has been a part of the Art Department since.

His philosophy has always been the same. There is nothing that will foster the hesitancy of an inquisitive student more than an intimidating instructor.

In order to establish his accessibility, he has always shared his cell phone number with all of his students. Chris Nielsen always arrives at least an hour before class to help those too intimidated to call or ask questions in front of others in the class.

Professor Nielsen always comes in early and always stay late to assist those who may need some extra time to finish their current project and he has taken it upon himself to present his own current work. Works in progress are also shared to give his students a more detailed example of the creative process he goes through. Questions are then always encouraged and explanations are subsequently discussed. This policy has not only been applied to his own work, but for the class as a whole.

Professor Nielsen strives to continue to introduce his students to all aspects of the visual arts while they are still in school. With this approach, he feels they will be better prepared for their lives after graduation. It is his hope that with some of the information they take away from his class, they will be able to make a better-prepared entry into the job market with the skills they will need to do what they have set out to do: Create art that others will enjoy and be affected by.

Professor Nielsen teaches multiple computer graphics classes at multiple colleges, including full-semester classes in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Introduction to Computer Graphics courses for beginners. He is also releasing two published e-books for the Spring 2014 semester.  These two books are video-based, instructional e-books.  The first e-book will focus on an Introduction to Computer Graphics for beginning students.  The other e-book will focus on the topic of working in Adobe Illustrator.  Professor Nielsen is a life-long comic book collector and has one of the largest collections of Ninja Turtles Action Figures in California.

His Digital Illustration portfolio can be viewed at his website:


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