Art 373 Cartooning and Caricatures

Art 373 Cartooning and Caricatures

Prerequisites: Art 107A,B, 117.

Principles and practices of cartooning and caricature construction, anatomy and  expression. Study will also include an historical overview of the field with an emphasis on professional applications and the impact of computer graphics. (6 hours activity)

Art373 - Adrienne Jimenez

Art373 – Adrienne Jimenez

Art373 - Heather Alexander

Art373 – Heather Alexander

Art373 - Joseph Tran

Art373 – Joseph Tran

Art373 - Pieter Saerang

Art373 – Pieter Saerang

Art373 - Rebecca Wu

Art373 – Rebecca Wu

Art373 - Richard Wallace

Art373 – Richard Wallace

Art373 - Orrin Hill

Art373 – Orrin Hill

Art373 Katelyn Lizardi

Art373 Katelyn Lizardi

Art373 Rachel Ong

Art373 Rachel Ong


"Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective"  Nickelodeon and California State University, Fullerton’s Art Department present “Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective,” a rich, [...]

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