Art 367 Sequential Art

367 Elements of Sequential Art (3) …

Prerequisite: ART 317A.

Theory and practice of pictorial narrative in !lm storyboard and graphic novel. Character and scenic design; story sketch, “breakdown” and production design. Considerations: plot, scene, exposition, transition and continuity. Individual and team projects. May be repeated once for credit.

(6 hours activity)

ART367  - Ben Lopez

ART367 – Ben Lopez

ART367 - Katrina Miclat

ART367 – Katrina Miclat

ART367 - Richard Wallace

ART367 – Richard Wallace

Art367 - Caitlin Mulvhill

Art367 – Caitlin Mulvhill

Art367 - Kelsey McSweeney

Art367 – Kelsey McSweeney

Art367 - Matthew Pridgeon

Art367 – Matthew Pridgeon

Art367 - Sarah Cuadra

Art367 – Sarah Cuadra


"Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective"  Nickelodeon and California State University, Fullerton’s Art Department present “Butt What Is Art? A Sanjay and Craig Fine Art Retrospective,” a rich, [...]

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